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Red Carpet Direct focussing on leadership following recent industry event

Southampton-based events sales and marketing company, Red Carpet Direct regularly attend industry events, allowing them to network with fellow professionals and learn from the best in the business. Following a recent networking event, the company has placed a renewed focus on leadership, turning their attention to training and development.

The recent meeting held in the capital included guest talks on business development from established business owners from across the sales and marketing sector. Managing Director at Red Carpet Direct, Amy Bushell, returned from the event with a renewed sense of motivation, eager to drive the business forward by focussing on leadership - ultimately hoping to establish and create the future industry leaders. Speaking after the event, Miss Bushell said;

“It was amazing to be able to attend an in person event. Since the start of the pandemic, these events have all moved online. As always, the meeting proved hugely valuable to me. It was great to hear thoughts on management and leadership from some of the top performers in the industry and I am excited to implement many of the recommendations received.”

Upon her return to Southampton, the business owner created a plan which focussed on training and development. “Training and development has always been a core part of our success at Red Carpet Direct. These two elements go hand in hand when it comes to creating strong leaders.” Stated Miss Bushell.

In the weeks since the event, Red Carpet Direct have held a number of workshops and training sessions, educating the firm’s workforce on what it takes to be a great leader, and how to be a great example.

The event sales and marketing company is keen to focus on the coaching and training of their leaders, eager to ensure they remain satisfied and feel there is a clear path to learn, grow and develop. The firm believes that strong leadership is imperative for a company to survive and ultimately, to thrive.

Red Carpet Direct has big goals for 2022 and Managing Director, Amy Bushell is confident that her new focus on leadership will have a massive part to play in the future of the company.

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