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Amy Bushell RCD MD "Why I love running my own business.”

With research from FreeAgent revealing that over 50% of Brits plan to start their own business or become freelance in the future, Managing Director at Red Carpet Direct, Amy Bushell has revealed what she loves most about being a business owner.

51.2% of 2000 people surveyed stated that they planned to start their own business or become freelance in the future with 1 in 10 aiming to do so in 2021. Entrepreneurship is on the rise as it becomes a more attractive prospect to millennials and Generation Zers. Miss Bushell was buoyed by the results of the research as she is passionate about entrepreneurship.

Miss Bushell recognises that people with no business experience tend to look at the risks that are associated with owning the business rather than focussing on the rewards. “The potential risks of starting your own business can deter someone with high ambition from pursuing their entrepreneurial aspirations. At Red Carpet Direct, we are advocates of entrepreneurship, and we are proud to have developed a culture of entrepreneurship.” Commented Miss Bushell.

Award-winning entrepreneur and owner at Red Carpet Direct, Amy Bushell, has revealed the main advantages of running your own business.

  1. You are the creator and decision-maker – Running your own business, your vision and creativity are what drives the business. Most importantly, you are the decision-maker. The final decision lies with you; therefore, you have complete autonomy over what you do and the direction you take your business and that freedom is invigorating.

  2. Personal development – as the owner of a startup, you're essentially a one-man band, controlling all aspects of the business including finances, sales, marketing, administration etc. Therefore, running the company allows you to develop in several different areas. Every day is a school day in the beginning, and I love that.

  3. Control over your schedule – One of the main advantages of being a business owner is having complete control over your schedule. When you are employed, you have to ask permission for everything, going on holiday, asking for time off for appointments etc. However, when you own the business, you get complete control over everything.

  4. Paying it forward – My favourite part of running my own business is being able to coach and mentor people and provide them with the tools and knowledge to progress their careers. As a business owner, your job is to provide the people in your business opportunities to grow and progress in the company. The number one reason for turnover in any company is that people aren't getting the return for their hard work. As long as people get a return, they will continue to work hard and I've made it my mission to give others the same opportunity that I was once afforded.

  5. The fun factor – While there are challenges and it's not always easy, running the show is fun; you get to do whatever you want (within reason). I have worked hard to create a fun environment at Red Carpet Direct, making it a place where people look forward to coming to work every day.

  6. Inspiring others – As the leader of a business, others look up to you, they will be under your wing, and if you do it right, you can inspire people to fulfil their potential. You can teach them the critical fundamentals of running a successful business which is; work ethic, student mentality and attitude.

At Red Carpet Direct, they are dedicated to creating the business owners of the future. If you have entrepreneurial aspirations, check out our careers page.


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