With years of experience under our belt we have successfully supported our clients growth goals, through effective event marketing campaigns.

Here we are passionate about diversity and equality. We believe our success derives from a diverse team, with a vast range of skills and experiences. We think people are more than their CV and for that reason we consider people from many backgrounds and walks of life. As a female led business we are proud to offer a level playing field for advancement and we are focused on developing equality and leadership.  Getting results for our clients and creating a rewarding place to work are our two biggest priorities.

If you’re on this page, it means we think you could be part of our team too!

Our plans for 2022 include opening up 5 new locations throughout the UK and we only promote from within, which will create senior openings within our organisation over the coming 12 months.

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For promising candidates, we look to train them up to more senior levels on a rapid trajectory in order to aid our expansion plans.

At entry level, it is essential that everyone learns the core skills of sales and marketing via our events. They will have a direct mentor to assist and train on the role. This ensures that once they reach more senior roles, they are able to provide accurate advice and training to those under their wing.

At a Leadership level they are entrusted with the development of others. They will be allocated teams and individuals to train (often from scratch) on best practices, client and product knowledge and be trusted to now run the events. They will start to learn and get more involved with things like Branding and Recruitment when required but mostly expected to be the ultimate example to others.

Our Campaign Managers take on far more responsibility. Not only expected to lead much larger teams but given the opportunity to start taking on their own clients and campaigns. This will involve learning more about the back-end of business - organising events and meetings, strategising and client liaison. They will spend more time directly with the Managing Director to begin learning how to be an even more valuable asset to the company and clients.

Assistant Directorship involves shadowing and learning all the day to day duties of the Managing Director. It is a very full on position! They are expected to maintain their previous performance and standards whilst taking part in the responsibilities of the entire back-end of business, learning how to run an entire office themselves.

Once it can be proven that an AD can competently and successfully fulfil all the same responsibilities of the MD, they become a director. They will head up an expansion team and be entirely responsible of the running of the new office including its clients and campaigns, profitability, and overall success. 



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