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Red Carpet Direct are an independent, event-based sales and marketing company in the heart of Southampton. We are here to help with all your direct marketing needs; whether you are looking to generate leads, increase brand loyalty or drive profits.

We continue to deliver consistent results by arranging and attending private site promotional events. 

As our sales department conduct face - to - face sales we are able to adjust campaigns on the go to ensure they are personalised to the customer and effective.

Our direct approach means that our representatives can build a rapport with your customers on your behalf. Identifying specific needs and tailoring presentations with the aid of your merchandise and product samples.

Rapport building increases customer retention, meaning you can expect to see an increase in long-term customers immediately! 

We pride ourselves on quality, keeping customers informed and supportive throughout our interactions. Keeping your brand represented in ways that keep your company proud.


Crowd of People

Equality and Diversity

Red Carpet Direct is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion within our organisation, with our clients and our customers, whilst monitoring and removing and disciplining any discrimination. We guarantee equal pay regardless of gender and that any promotions and opportunities will be based on performance and not overlooked due to age, race, gender, sexuality or disability.