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Are you the right fit for us?

If you’re on this page, it means we think you could be part of our team too!

Our plans for 2021 include opening up 2 new locations throughout the UK and we only promote from within, which will create senior openings within our organisation over the coming 12 months.

Read through the roles we offer, If you are curious to learn more, we are holding virtual appointments this week.  We will present to you further information about our company, our successes, our challenges, areas where advancement is available and you can find out more about our exciting campaigns.


Our Opportunities

Here’s What We Provide

Junior Event Marketing Assistant


Are you looking to start a career in event marketing role but no experience?

Our junior event marketing opening could be a great way to kick start your new career.

Why? Event marketing has never been in greater demand as more companies are looking for a new edge and a way to separate themselves from their competition.

Learn how to give world class live presentations to engage target audiences and how to generate revenue for clients by converting audiences into paying customers under the watchful of a proven industry expert mentor.

The top performing junior event marketers will have opportunities to advance into PR, marketing strategies, and campaign development.

£18,000 – £26,000+ OTE

Trainee Customer Service Executive


If you enjoy working with people and have experience in retail, hospitality or any customer facing role but not sure how to turn those skills into a career then sales is the right role for you.

Customer Service has been proven to be the most highly sought after skill set due to  its universal demand regardless of the industry. People with customer service skills add value to any company with their ability to generate revenue for companies and clients.

In this trainee role you will be shadowing experts in the customer service industry and trained in handling customer queries, generating leads and turning them into paying customers.

Top performers will have a chance to move into management and client facing roles.

£18,500 – £24,000+ OTE

Business Development Executive

Do you want to make a difference? 

Do you see other business and think it could be done better? 

Then you have the entrepreneurial spirit that we are looking for. 

Successful companies require many parts working together in unison. Business Development Executives create those parts and bring the necessary teams together to carry out their vision. We train in marketing, leadership, management, and a host of other business skills. Come and learn what it really takes to be the CEO. We operate an “open door” policy where the managers have merit based reward systems and one-on-one coaching and mentoring by business development executives with a proven track record. 

We love people with any kind of sports background for the following reasons:

  1. Team work — we need great team leaders that understand their role within their team and the value of helping others succeed.

  2. Competition — Sports teaches us that it pays to be a winner and winning requires hard work, perseverance and a positive mental attitude. In life we don’t always win but we always learn and at RC Talent we believe in self improvement

  3. Leadership — In any sports environment, leading by example is paramount and, as such, is one of our core values. Be a role model and inspire them to achieve their best by your example.

If you consider yourself a competitive person, enjoy sports, or always find yourself the leader of a team apply now!